Genteel Lancet Device | Lancet Device in UK

The Genteel Lancing Device allows those with diabetes to check their blood sugar without pain, using vacuum and depth control.  Each Genteel comes with 6 contact tips, 2 nozzles, travel and organizer pouch, decals, sticker sheet for kids, and sample Butterfly Touch Lancets.

For all ages. Type 1, Type 2, gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes. Use any glucometer and test strips. Join team #saveyourfingers and start checking blood sugar as prescribed.

  • No sore fingers - Give fingers a break using vacuum and depth control and prick the palm (matches finger readings

  • Stop squeezing - With it's vacuum, Genteel brings blood to the surface and forms the perfect drop. Squeezing is a thing of the past.

  • Fear of needles - Teach the mind to reinterpret needle-phobia (trypanophobia) as you successfully get blood without the sting of the lancet pricking your skin. Fear of needles no longer needs to be a barrier for checking BG levels

  • Let them sleep - Without the pain of the fingerstick, kids can sleep soundly through BG checks at night..

  • Fingersticks hurt - By controlling how far the lancet goes into your skin, and then using vacuum to get the perfect drop, you can start testing without pain

  • Check more often - Remove the obstacles of pain and trauma and start checking blood sugar levels as your doctor prescribes

You can buy easily Lancet Device in UK with our website and find more interesting test strips or test kits.

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